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You hold in your hands everything you need to install and use one of the most powerful computer operating systems in the world.This website is designed to help you learn quickly. You’ll find it an indispensable guide to installing Linux and getting right to work. This site helps you overcome technical obstacles explains complex subjects in simple language, and shows you some neat examples to make your LINUX learning experience easier.
Welcome to the board. Let us learn with joy :-)

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Prerequisite for Linux Class !!

Module – 1 Linux Introduction

Module – 2.1 Linux understand & use Essential Tools – Part 1

Module – 2.2 Linux understand & use Essential Tools – Part 2

Module – 3 Linux Standard Partition

Module – 4 Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

Module – 5 RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive (Independent) Disks

Module – 6 Linux Boot Process & Run Levels

Module – 7.1 Linux User & Group Administration

Module – 7.2 Linux User & Group Administration (chmod & chown)

Module – 7.3 User & Group Administration Access Control List (ACL)

Module – 8 Network Configuration

Module – 9 Linux Package Administration RPM

Module – 10 Linux Package Administration- YUM

Module -11 VSFTP Configuration RHEL 6.x

Module – 12 LINUX SCP to transfer files

Module – 13 Linux Webserver Configuration – HTTP/Apache

Module – 14 NFS Server & Client configuration

Module – 15 Setting up SSL secured Webserver with RHEL 6.4

Module – 16 POSTFIX Mail configuration on RHEL 6.4

Module – 17 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Module – 18 Domain Name Server (DNS)

Module – 19 IPTABLES – Examples in RHEL 6.x

Module – 20 Linux Server Security Hardening

Module – 21 Linux SetUid / SetGid / StickyBit explained

Module – 22 UNIX Shell Scripting – Basics & Examples

Module – 23 Linux PXE boot (kickstart)


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